About us

The Native Craftsmen of Quebec is a non-profit organization founded in 1974 and administered by members of the first nations from various communities in Quebec. The Corporation contributes to the economic development of Canada and has built a solid reputation among the country's indigenous and non-indigenous artisans.

The Corporation is a distribution center that offers businesses and organizations as well as artisans various traditional, customary and current materials, available online or in stores and can ship anywhere in Canada by sea, land and air.

The basic products offered mainly belong to the following categories: leather, beads, threads, ribbons, fabrics, furs, feathers, various natural products and several tools and multiple accessories for creation.

The Corporation of Native Craftsmen of Quebec offers quality products in Canada to a diverse clientele such as:

  • Institutional: Inuit cooperatives (Nunavik and Nunavut), Band councils, Schools, Correctional centers, Native friendship centers, Native cultural institutes, Health centers, manufacturers, businesses of various scales, governments;
  • Indigenous artisans: privileged clientele of the corporation; Non-Indigenous Artisans: high-growth customers who are targeted in future marketing strategy;
  •  Customers on site in store;
  •  Online Store.

The Corporation of Native Craftsmen of Quebec's vision is to maintain its position as a Canadian leader in the distribution of basic materials and to contribute socially to the growth of artisans and indigenous communities.

Thank you for your confidence.

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